About Us

Hi visitors! This is Arnold Palmer, founder of Keys Birding Fest. I’m from Florida Keys, United States.

Are you starting birding as a hobby but don’t know exactly where to begin? I understand both the excitement of getting into the hobby as well as the frustration when everything begins to go wrong.

Sadly, there’s not much information that will tell you exactly how to be a good bird watcher, or how to manage feeding several kinds of birds, all alone. Add up the pesky bird feeder predators into the equation and your hobby is bound to fail.

That’s why I founded Key Birding Fest. While I will never claim to be the ‘most’ expert in the field of bird watching and feeding, my many years of practical experiences – countless trial and errors – to help you figure out how to be successful in your bird watching activity.

Keys Birding Fest intend to help you transition from being an ‘innocent’ birder to a somewhat knowledgeable one. When I say innocent, I meant confusion stage of not knowing what bird feeder to choose, what birdseed or bird food to buy for which bird, getting the correct feeder poles, and even the kinds of birds that already frequent your backyard or birds you want to attract.

If you have any questions please let us know. Have a great time!