Best Heated Bird Baths 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

best heated bird bath

It’s the winter months and that only means one thing: freezing cold. Our feathering friends, though protected by layers of natural heating organs – their feathers, they still suffer from what we humans call “hypothermia”. For this, their diet, the location of their feeder, the safety of the garden as well as choosing the best heated bird baths to adorn the beautiful gardens should be prepared to keep them warm all throughout.

Having a heated bird bath has many benefits; it protects the birds hat frequent your yard and it will also attract other winter birds just wanting to hydrate or perch on a warmer place. Doing this might bring more winter birds into the breeding nest into your winter garden.

There are many kinds of heated bird baths. One that is a fully-assembled bird bath or one that is heated by a portable bird bath heater. Either way, they achieve the same purpose: provide the birds with a source of warm water to drink or to bathe in during the winter months.

Even for human, winter can be harsh so heated bird baths is to the rescue. To help you decide which one should you purchase to keep the birds warm during the cold months, here are some suggestions:

Best Heated Bird Bath Reviews 2019

1. Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath

Electric birdbaths are in. Farm innovators did a marvelous job working on creating an ideal birdbath to fight the cold. This 75-watt thermostat controlled birth bath only turns on when extremely necessary. This means that you do not need to worry about electric bill as it only needs loose change to operate. Yes, literally just few pennies.

It should not be a surprise therefore why I love this product. When it’s summer or hot, the cord can be tucked away, hidden from people’s eyes, and maintaining the aesthetic of your garden.

Knowing the difficulty birds go through during the winter months, I am recommending this product for them and your peace of mind. It’s disturbing to see so many birds freezing outside when you know you could do something about it.

Another thing I truly like about this birdbath is that it can be mounted or clamp on a post or on ground.

Possible con would be the cost but hey, with the enormous benefits, I do not see why there’s a need to go cheap.
What We Liked
  • Attracts variety of birds
  • Easy to install: mount, clamp or leave on the ground
  • Easy to clean
  • 75-watt capacity
  • Lightweight
What We Didn't Like
  • A bit costly but durable
  • Length of cord to be considered

2. Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

A beautifully designed heated birth bath is probably a birder’s best gift to our feathery pets during winter, giving them worthwhile visit to our yard. Once they are happy, try to to keep it that way.

It is important that bird baths will be available for them all year round. However, winter is that special season when we need to give extra TLC (Tender-Loving-Care) for all the joys they bring us. Winter is harsh for humans and to birds too! Being exposed to the harsh element for a long period of time can cause extreme fatigue so birds needs fats in their body, and heated bird baths, to keep them well.

I like this mounted heated bird baths for two reasons: mounted on a bench, a ledge or just anywhere accessible to the birds and the thermostat features. Equipped with 120-volt heater at 150 watts, this bird bath is the answer to the extreme cold. When its summer, the power cord can be safely tucked under the bench for safe keeping until the next winter wave comes around.

Birders even claimed that this birdbath is a birder’s “happiness enhancer” as you can enjoy watching the birds drink their water while enjoying a safer, warmer birdbath. Bring it closer to home like the railings or the patio for optimum fun.

Perhaps, the only con is the material – plastic material deteriorates through time.
What We Liked
  • Easy to install, mount on a bench, a railing
  • Attracts birds easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable plastic so its lightweight
  • 150 watts only
What We Didn't Like
  • The plastic material can change color through time

3. API 600 20″ Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl

Wanting to do your feathery friends some favor? Getting them a good bird heated bath is the best way. Of course, this has to be supplemented by a good seed and a good feeder. However, during the winter months, they will probably jump onto the idea of staying where the warmth is – the heated birdbath.

So far, this heated birdbath by Allied Precision Industries is one of the best in the market in terms of functionality and affordability.

In fact, I am so happy with this product that there’s a couple of them in the yard. Certainly one of the best thing about it is that it is already fully assembled and simply ready to sit in any flat surface. Just make sure there’s a plug nearby.

The greatest feature is undoubtedly the built-in thermostat, which keeps the bird’s temperature controlled and save them from freezing, even in the harshest of winter. Another is its built in perch area – the rim, which is specially designed to be easily grasp by a birds’ claw or talons.

Possibly the only con about this heated bird bath is that it does not come with a stand so you either have to spend a bit more by creating one or mount it on a ledge or a bench.
What We Liked
  • Already assembled
  • Easy to clean
  • Attract birds easily
  • Easy to use
What We Didn't Like
  • It does not come with a stand

4. Allied Precision Industries 970 20″ Diameter Heated Bird Bath

Do you like a one-stop shop heated birdbath? Allied Precision Industries has the answer to your need. A fully assembled heated birdbath is up for grabs for well, quite a reasonable price. Saying this, it’s obvious that I am recommending this product. For starters, here are some of my reasons:

First, it is 20-inch in diameter, which means it is enough to carry few hummers or woodpeckers at a time. They normally fly in droves so getting them warmed up all at the same time will be ideal. This will give you the best viewing experience too.

Second, the built in thermostat is great enough to have them a nice, warm drink in the middle of winter. A good treat from flying all the way across the continent, looking for a better and safe place to get fed and perch.

Third, the perch area, the rim is designed to be easily grasp by bird’s claw hence providing them with a restful, nice and peaceful feeding time. Clean water also attracts a wide variety of birds.

Of course those are the top three but there are certainly other features I truly love and enjoy: it has a ready stand so it’s plug and play, it is lightweight so you can move it easily around the yard, it can withstand blizzards so it is perfect for winter but most importantly, it can work anytime of the year. You simply need to unplug it, tuck in the cord at the bottom of the basin and voila, you got a cool and refreshing birth bath during the summer.

If there’s any con, then it is perhaps just because it is a bit expensive.
What We Liked
  • No need to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • 20-inch diameter – big capacity
  • Can be used for all weather
What We Didn't Like
  • It is a bit more costly that other brand but t is all worth it.

5. Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath

I always have a soft spot for wooden objects and that includes what goes into my garden. But Songbird knows how to make me happy by coming out with this beautiful, winter-perfect kind of birdbath – truly, an essential piece of furniture in my yard.

So here are few things great about it. Some things I truly like. Unlike other heated bird bath, this is probably the only one with double ring heater, which is in 32 degrees farenheit, just perfect for my beautiful birds. The insulated foil inside it makes it a truly remarkable heating bath. So far, nothing quite like it

Another thing is how this birdbath actually looks like during the winter season. The dark cedar color provides a seriously pretty bath even during the coldest of the seasons. Yes, it looks good against the white snow. Even expert birders can’t help but to agree that this product is perhaps the one to beat – truly beautiful.

Since it is winter, choosing the location for this birdbath is perhaps as necessary as buying it in itself. If the birdbath is accessible to the birds, say, no need to fly away too far from the feeder, the better. Remember that like other creatures, bird would love to move less during the cold months too! Maybe that’s the only cons too.
What We Liked
  • The birds love to stay and get warm in in big dish
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal Assembly needed
  • Made of cedar wood
What We Didn't Like
  • Birds don’t care if location is far from feeder
  • Cedar component is a wear and tear

6. Farm Innovators HBC-120 Heated Birdbath

Probably one of the most sleek and beautiful bird bath around, this beautiful bird basin by Farm Innovators is a must-have for modern bird yard. It’s beautiful white wash, porcelain looking bird bath is a great addition to any yard.

I have specific reasons for loving this and yes possibly recommending it strongly. It is durable, stable, and heavy enough not to be knocked over especially when birds become quite competitive because of the cold. In places where winter becomes brutal, this bird bath is as good as it gets.

A solid built bath, its most important feature is of course its thermostat quality, a need to protect the birds during the cold months. In fact, it is no wonder why some bird experts even called this product the “perfect bird spa” and why not when you get to enjoy a bird bath that lasts for a long time while the birds just kept loving it.

And if you are tired of getting bird baths that tips over in the first sign of strong wind or snow? Then you can stop worrying as this gray stone heated bird bath is securely bolted to its stand. The base is screwed properly. Also, during the summer, the cord is tucked away securely underneath, away from sun or other elements making it ready to go during the winter months.

If there’s one con, it is probably the color. The decorative gray may be a bit difficult for the birds to find under white snow. Aside from that, it is solid great!
What We Liked
  • Study base and stand
  • Heavy enough to withstand strong wind or even blizzards
  • Decorative feature is perfect for the modern yard
  • Easy to clean, simply tip it, wipe it, change the water
What We Didn't Like
  • The color (gray) sometimes makes it challenging to find under the white snow.

7. API 670 20″ Heated Birdbath

We all like beautiful bird baths. We want to ensure our garden is not only frequented by birds, it is also beautiful enough to make us smile even when its empty. This heated bird bath is such a good addition, especially if you want your garden to look modern yet functional.

I suggest novice birders to actually make this 20-diameter bird bath an addition to their yard furniture. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also very easy to manage. The controlled thermostat uses 150 watts only, making it one of the most energy and cost-efficient you can find in the market. Also, the rim can be used as perch so birds can enjoy a good time while trying to feast on both the warm water and the warm bath.

All birders should be able to enjoy such a luxury of a bird bath, in a safe environment during the harshest of the season. Well, aside from the “attractiveness” of the bird bath to your lawn or garden.

The only thing that is probably a con in this product is that you need to secure the bottom by putting in enough sand and a few bricks if necessary. This prevents it from being wobbly or to tip over. Also, it is made of plastic, while it is quite sturdy, might not last as long as you imagine it to be.
What We Liked
  • Easy to assemble
  • Birds love it
  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Nice addition to your garden
  • Easy to clean
What We Didn't Like
  • You need to put sand to secure the base
  • Made of plastic

8. Farm Innovators FS-1 Four Seasons Heated Birdbath

Farm innovators did it again. A unique, floor type heated bird bath that does not need any thing else – except, well, the ground. It is sand-coated so it technically looks natural yet aesthetically pleasing as it blends well into the natural environment, and even when surrounded by white snow.

I like that even if it is on the ground, the cord can be tucked away safe during the warm months. It is also controlled thermostatically when needed, which is actually not very expensive as it is only uses 70-watt power electricity.

Birders who have tried it know its capacity and attested that it at least stayed for 6 years before it started to malfunction. This is probably one of the reasons why I am convinced this is one of a kind – unique, naturally pleasing and of course it is great for the environment. The birds you save from the cold are the biggest joys of having one of this beautiful birder.

Another beautiful thing is on how long the water in the birdbath stays liquid even after a long exposure to wintery cold. It lasts long and that I a sure help for the birds that can otherwise freeze if not warmed up in a heated birdbath.

The only con is possibly the discoloration of the stone like coating. The exposure to both extreme cold and and extreme summer heat may cause it to peel off, but not instantly.
What We Liked
  • No assembly needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move around
  • Liquid stays longer
  • Vakue for money
What We Didn't Like
  • Discoloration due exposure to elements

9. Birds Choice Ivy Pedestal Heated Bird Bath

There are three things that can be considered great about this bird bath: color, design and that luxury feel. Of course, it is a totally different thing when it comes to snowy time as the harsh weather can result to a wear and tear quite easily.

Still, I consider this bird choice heated bird bath one of the most affordable and practical choices in the market and it is easy to know why. The material of the heated basin is made of 50% recycled plastic while it is thermostatically controlled to ensure that birds get the best from their heated bird bath.

Definitely, one of the birder’s responsibility over the birds is to provide food, water source and keep them away from bullies. Having this bird bath is one of the solutions you can consider. Keeping them hydrated and warm water at that during the winter months will assure them of healthy and more enjoyable visit to your yard.

There are many other things great about this heated bird bath by bird’s choice but giving that warm or water in normal temperature during the winter is one of the greatest we can claim. It is also lightweight so you can move it where it is more accessible to both plug source or the visiting birds.

If there is one con about this might be the fact that it’s colored basin may discolor in due time, after severe exposure to anything extreme: heat and cold. Otherwise, it is a perfectly ideal heated bird bath.
What We Liked
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful design of the stand
  • Green color fits any yard
  • Value for money
  • Keeps the water in liquid form for the bird
What We Didn't Like
  • The bowl can discolor overtime

10. API 400 12-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath

A charming, little brown basin, while it is made up of plastic is a great addition to any yard. It is not just beautiful in terms of design but it is also functional and definitely more affordable than many others.

But more than the simplistic yet beautiful design, I like the features that it is thermostatically controlled, keeping the water warmer for the birds during the bitter cold months. Another thing I like about this heated bird bath is the sturdy metal stand that keeps it on the ground. Because it uses 50 watts of electricity, it is energy efficient too.

The con is probably that it is quite small at 12-inches diameter and may not be enough for few birds coming all at the same time.
What We Liked
  • Simple, elegant design
  • Value for money
  • Low energy usage
What We Didn't Like
  • It is quite small to accommodate many birds

Bird Bath Heater

best bird bath heater

Like any other living creatures, birds need a sufficient supply of water to drink, to bathe on or even to simply clean their feathers—to preen once in awhile. During the winter months, however, this becomes an issue. Most, if not all liquids, turns to solid ice, leaving the birds thirsty but also extremely cold. Such situation puts them in danger.

As a birder, our responsibility over the well-being of the birds in our backyard or even visiting ones on their way to warmer places increase. Some thermostat-controlled birdbaths can keep the water warm or at regular temperature for a long time but it can be a bit of a burden on the budget. It is advisable to choose one that uses lower wattage. If you can’t afford a full heated bird bath, then as an alternative, a small bird bath heater could be your option.

In some cases, this technology is called “immersion” heaters because it literally gets submerged on water. Well, while they are not efficient as the fully assembled heated bird bath, they are a great solution to the need for thermostat controlled water.

Perhaps, the most important thing to do is to choose which among the bird bath heaters work well in your winter yard. The list will help you make an informed decision for your birds.

11. K&H Pet Products Ice Eliminator Original Birdbath Deicer

Certainly a great choice to have either help warm the water on your existing bird bath or you do have a makeshift bird bath you wish to keep the bird’s warm water in. Expert in pet products, K&H understands the temperature birds need during the winter months.

I like this because of these features: it is a de-icer and safely maintains the water to about 20 degrees; it is easy to clean and it is submersible, safely. Since most birders are worried about the amount of electricity it uses, this heater is only using 50 watts, so you can keep it on using it continuously, or all through the bitter cold night.

Another thing I like about this bird bath heater is that unlike others, this one will float so it does not leave a huge mark on the bird bath. Still, while they last for some years, this one is a disposable product so never open it to rewire when it stops working.

Personally, I can compare this to a regular heated birdbath. The pre-assembled birdbath normally can’t be altered or move from one place to another very constantly. This birdbath heater can literally hop from one place to another as long as there’s a power source near by.

Some of the best places to place the heater will be the fountain, a makeshift basin or a heated birdbath that somehow stopped working. I guess the best thing about K&H is that they also offer years of warranty to their products. Isn’t that awesome?

If there’s one negative thing about this, it is probably that the cord is only 18 inches in length. A longer cord will allow more flexibility as to location or placement. Either way, it is a good product to have in your yard.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • No extra assembly or instruction needed. Just plug for it to work
  • Energy efficient, 50-watt only
  • It floats on water, not leaving mark
  • Great for all types of water reservoir
What We Didn't Like
  • The power cord is only 18 inches long

12. Allied Precision BDT250 Bird Bath De Icer

For sure, we all have the same two major goals as birders: to make the birds happy and to make yourself happy watching happy birds.

So yes, heated bird baths could be a bit costly, then try the best bird bath heater instead. It is both practical and functional and most all affordable. Built in bird baths are definitely nicer and many times more beautiful in design than a heater but the latter could be a very good alternative to a built in one. You got two choices: a birdbath heater or a de-icer.

Allied Precision Industries develop a small yet quite powerful birdbath that can fit any sizes of a bird bath. It is compact, durable and it has a more practical aluminum-heating element that can withstand even the coldest of the cold. I am recommending this not because it is the best product out there but because of these valid reasons: it is made in the USA so replacement is easy as covered by its 3-year warranty, it automatically turns on when the temperature of the water goes to freezing point hence saving electricity consumption in the long run, and it is very affordable so changing it entirely or asking for a replacement should never be a problem.

The possibly wrong thing about this is its life span. Like any other small objects against a harsh winter and snow and wind, this one can give up quite faster than others. Still, that does not make it a bad product. Infact, the point that it can last a couple of years at least makes this a winner product on its own.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean. Dip in clean water or with vinegar
  • No need to assemble
  • Turns on automatically as it detects when water turns to freezing point
  • Value for money. The best!
What We Didn't Like
  • Shorter life span. Stops after a couple of years

13. Farm Innovators Model B-9 Economical Birdbath De Icer

Like bird seeds, bird baths can be enjoyed by birds all year round. They need a sufficient supply of clean water to drink or to bathe in all season. Most bird yards have their fountain for birds to perch, to preen or to just rest.

However, the presence of birdbaths becomes more urgent during the snowy months. They need to have a steady and accessible source of water when the lakes and rivers are all frozen. During the winter months, they nest as well and your garden could be a great nesting ground if you provide their basic needs: feeder and warm or water on regular temperature. This is when your thermostat-controlled bird bath or bird heater or de-icers come in.

In this case Farm Innovators have the answer for you. Many birders like me will recommend this not-so-beautiful but very-functional-de-icer for serious winters. At one point, I saw several birds eating snow to get their water supply but this habit can be quite dangerous especially for smaller birds. Smaller birds can die of choking while many others can die of thirst when they don’t get their water supply in time.

This bird de-icer is a saving grace, I say. It is affordable, simple and straightforward and works well for any bird bath. It is perfect even when the winter becomes so harsh. If you do not feel like refill your bird bath with fresh water, it melts the snow for the birds to enjoy instead.

The only thing I dislike about this product is the cord. If only it is a bit longer, then I am sure I would give it the ratings too!
What We Liked
  • Has a unique foil but effective construction
  • Uses 44-watt power
  • Very affordable, wattage is low too, energy efficient
  • Works well with any bird bath
What We Didn't Like
  • Short cord. You need a longer wire to plug it in

14. Farm Innovators Model C-50 Premium Cast Aluminum Birdbath De Icer

Without a doubt, Farm Innovators are very serious with creating birdbath essentials and this is a good thing. Without them, I will surely be worried of whether or not my favorite hummers and woodpeckers survive the cold of the northern wind. Winter is always a challenging time for our feathery friends. It is even hard for us so that’s understandable.

Knowing the extent of the seriousness of winter in your place is essential to decide what kind of a heated bird bath do you need, or maybe a bird bath heater is sufficient.

Still, if you are not sure after a thorough reading of the needs and of the situation, then the farm innovator bird bath is the perfect choice. This cast aluminum bird bath is quite the product you need to fight the harshest of the weather. Even if it uses 150-watts of electricity, it is very friendly to all bird baths and to the birds in general. It is thermostatically controlled so over circuit is never an issue.

The truth is, birders recommend this de-icer for two reasons: easy to clean (just scrub it with any brush and melts frozen ice faster than other similar product)  and affordability considering its price. Other consideration include aluminum construction and the longer cord system.

The only con is that it does no automatically turns off when the water is already warm enough. Keeping hot water on the bird bath is never the option because of the risk of bird death.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Can withstand thick snow and strong wind
What We Didn't Like
  • Does not automatically switch off when the water is warmed up

15. K&H Pet Products Ice Eliminator Super Birdbath Deicer

By the look alone, you already know why I love this product a lot. It resembles many of what I own at home: power bank, mouse and even a hard disk drive. It is no surprise then that I am giving this product a good thumbs up and recommending it to any birder who wish to save their birds from

First, the color is spectacular. I am always biased towards white or ivory or any shades of white so this one answers the call. It is perfect for a modern or minimalistic garden. Of course snow is white too so don’t get anxious about not finding it in the snow.

Second, I like the innovation of keeping it safe below 20 degrees. It can therefore does its job perfectly and provide birds with clean water even during the cold days. Birds need water to survive so using one of these de-icers is  must.

Lastly, it claims to be virtually indestructible although we all know that nothing lasts forever but this one surely stays for a long long time, serving the birds every winter season. It is very durable and can withstand the coldest of the cold.

The only thing I do not really like about this product is the length of the cord. This has to change somehow so I don’t need to spend more money on buying a cord that can withstand the winter.
What We Liked
  • Works perfectly in subzero temperature
  • Very sturdy body of the heater
  • Beautiful colors
  • Last a long time
  • Value for money
  • Works with any bird bath
What We Didn't Like
  • The cord is way too short. You need an extension cord

What is a Heated Bird Bath? How does It Work?


A birdbath can be any shape or size of a (water) container placed in the middle or within the yard for the birds to drink water from, to preen, or even to bathe. Normally, it is 1-3 inches deep and has enough space for birds to perch and relax. For some gardens, especially in areas with harsh winter, a good heated birdbath is a necessity. The best heated bird bath has a cord that can be plugged in to an electric socket. Some bird baths are battery operated while some have solar heating capabilities.

There are two kinds of heated bird bath: a built in bird bath, usually in beautiful designs and one that allows submersible bird bath heaters to warm the water or de-ice the snow. As a suggestion, put out your heated bird bath when you notice the first frost. The last thing you want to happen is to find dead birds in your backyard because of thirst.

Types of Bird Baths


There are few types of bird baths available for the enthusiastic and anxious birders. Whether you intend to visit your local Walmart or shop online, it will be helpful to know which type suits your garden. Here are some common types:

  • Ground Bird Bath. As it says, it is on the ground. It is normally a large bowl that is laid nicely on the ground. They are easy to make and simply submerge a bird bath heater to melt the snow and keeps the steady supply of water during the cold months. Ground feeders will love drinking or bathing from it. The risk of this type of birdbath is putting the birds “at risk” of predators.
  • Pedestal Bird Bath. A piece of bowl, usually big enough to accommodate a number of birds. They can be mounted on a bench to secure it form tipping over.
  • Heated Bird Bath. This type if the most practical and functional during the winter months. It keeps the water in its liquid state and keeps it warm for the birds to drink from. It normally comes with a cord to be plugged in electricity.
  • Solar power Bird Bath. A type of bird bath that could be standing or ground bird bath but uses the energy of the sun to de-ice the snow. It can only heat up the water if it has enough solar power. It is safer and more cost efficient than electric heated bird bath.

Benefits of Heated Bird Baths


When there is no available water around during the winter months, birds are forced to use their extra energy trying to de-ice the water by eating them whole and warming them up in their beaks and throat. They also try to convert more ice into water by putting them under their feathers until becomes liquid. This is dangerous especially for younger birds. So, getting a  heated bird bath is the only way to help winter birds from freezing and dying of thirst. While there are many benefits, here are the obvious pros of a heated bird bath:

  • It keeps the water from freezing into hard snow
  • Attracts birds to the yard as they love the sight of moving water
  • Solar powered bird baths does not require paying electric bill
  • Use by birds for drinking, preening and even bathing

Factors to Consider when Buying a Heated Bird Bath


Like anything, it is important to do a bit of research before buying that heated bird bath. As a guide, here are several factors you need to know or ask yourself before you click that payment button or pay for that beautiful bird bath:

  • Location. Heated bird baths are ideal for places with freezing or sub-zero temperature. If you don’t all liquids exposed outside turns into ice, then you need a heated birdbath to help the birds access clean water.
  • Style. In some cases, birders like to maintain the aesthetic value of their garden such as it is mostly wood, or ceramics or plastics are okay. Knowing what you like is important: practicality or design. There are different types of bird baths (see Types of Bird Bath)
  • Dark vs White. White is great especially in the snow. You got all white and red and blue birds coming over providing beautiful contrast of color. However, a dark colored birdbath absorbs more heat and keeps the water warmer for a long period of time.
  • Material and Cost. The construction or what it is made of could be a deciding factor. With the hard wind, freezing temperature, which one will last longer: plastic, metal, ceramic, concrete or wood. Obviously, concrete can last for a long long time but it can be too heavy to move from one place to another. Ceramic is a good choice too. It is sturdy and it is functional. Cheaps ones are made of, you know it, plastic material.
  • Diameter. How big and sometimes deep the bowl is matters. Deeper bowls are good for summer when birds would even go for a bath but a bowl that is 1-3 inches in depth is sufficient. The diameter (at least 20-inch) will allow more birds to drink at the same time. It also has larger area for perching.

Whatever your priority is, one thing is for sure, the birds do not see the price tag. They are attracted by the rippling, clean water that your bird bath has to offer during the winter months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bird bath heater?

A bird bath heater keeps the temperature of water within normal during the bitter cold winter months. This allow birds to have an adequate supply of water, which they need to survive, when the sources of fresh waters such as lakes and rivers freezes up. A good but cheap way to ensure the birds have a space to drink, preen or even bathe.

Are heated bird baths safe and necessary?

Water is an essential need of birds. They need water to drink all year round. However, during winter, the sources of water become scarce. Providing safe sources of water like heated birdbath is one of the responsibilities of a birder. Most of the bird bath that uses electricity are safe as wattage are at a minimum.

What about a solar heated bird bath?

If the electric bill is oftentimes putting your off using bird bath heaters, then the solar bird bath is a good alternative. Not only it is safe but it will safe you money and the environment.  The best feature of a purely solar heated bird bath is that it does not have a cord or a plug so you can have more flexibility where to place your bird bath. The only problem is when you live in a country that is devoid of sun most of the time. If you do, then opt for heaters that have the option for solar and electric. Plug it in if there’s enough sunlight and keep it there on sunny days. Either way, it is a win-win for both the birder and the birds.

What are good heated bird bath brands?

There many kinds of birdbaths and bird bath brands but personally, I will recommend Farm Innovators products. True to its name, they offer bird baths that understands the need of migrating birds, nesting birds or even regular birds in the farms or the forest area. While their products may not be the cheapest, they are the most innovative in the field. A 20-inch bird bath is a suggested one. If this is too much on your budget, you can opt for one of their birdbath heaters and simply leave it in your fountain during the winter months.

How much does it cost to use a heated bird bath/bird bath heater?

Bird bath comes in many sizes, colors and prices. Some are extremely expensive especially when they are made of ceramic or a more durable plastic. But birds do not really care (unlike feeders) of the model because they are only interested in one thing: water. They won’t see elaborate designs. So you can splurge some cash for a beautiful heated bird bath from $100 and up and watch in awe as the colorful birds comes to drink or you can save money by simply making your own bird bath (a simple basin) filled with water and submerged a cheap bird bath heater into it. With the cheaper alternative, you can save 75% of the cost of the built in bird bath.

How to use heated bird bath?

Heated bird baths comes with instructional manual and so far the only thing that you need to consider once the product reaches your doorstep is the voltage. All the rest are easy to follow. Heated birdbaths are designed to de-ice the hard snow and provide enough water for the birds coming over for both food and water. Like humans, water is an essential element of birds survival. Because all water sources are frozen, many birds die of thirst, and this is what heated bird baths are for. Still, to ensure safety, consider the following tips on using a bird bath:

  • Ideal depth of a birth bath is 1-3 inches.
  • Check that there’s enough water each day during the winter
  • Check that the water is clean. Dirty water is hazardous to birds. Bacteria from contaminated water can cause avian diseases.
  • Use a bird bath that automatically turns on when water reaches a freezing point.

Where to buy bird baths?

There are many stores that sells bird baths. However, heated versions are more available in home depots of countries or states that suffers from extreme cold – thick snow and sub-zero temperature. Pet stores have their own versions too and they can explain which ones are best for your location. If in doubt, research the reviews posted in many online forums including product reviews on amazon. But whether you are buying online or in stores, remember that birds are simply interested in having “clean, temperate and accessible” water source.


In reality, birds survive for thousands of years without going to or access to bird baths. Their instinct to migrate somewhere warmer when the air begins to turn cold saves them from dying of cold and thirst because lakes and rivers turn solid. But because many birds now live near placed inhabited by humans, they tend to nest in human provided spaces –feed and drink water from sources provided. It cannot be denied that water, more than food, could be the most important for any living thing –birds included. This is why birders take it upon themselves to provide it especially in the middle of winter when fresh water becomes scarce. With this in mind, purchasing the best heated bird bath becomes a must.

Bird baths do not only beautify the garden like fountains and hanging bird baths but they also provided sustenance to the birds that comes often. With the many benefits for both the birds and the bird watchers, I do not see why we should not invest a bit more and get a bird bath that can warm water during the cold and stays out to provide fresh water during the summer. When the birds are happy, we are happy too!

Best Heated Bird Baths 2019 – Buyer’s Guide
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