Best Solar Birdbath Fountains 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best solar birdbath fountain

The sun remains to be the most powerful source of energy. On summer, you can revel at the thought of storing as much energy to power up your solar birdbath foundation. During the cold months, the winter sun becomes your best friend when you want to operate the best solar birdbath fountain.

For sure, this low-cost way to provide clean drinking water for the wild birds will be much anticipated to keep the chickadees, the colorful cardinals and even the bigger ones, doves, at your garden well-hydrated. Winter is a harsh weather as sources of clean and fresh water becomes scarce.

Solar birdbath comes in many forms. Sometimes, a small solar panel is good for cute spouting fountains. To ensure that it will continue to function at night, then the stored solar energy will work for he next 6 hours, if not through the night.

A moving water is attractive to birds so keeping them available at all times will be beneficial for both the birder and the visiting birds. This puts the need for the birder to watch colorful birds flying even in the middle of winter. Choosing the best solar birdbath fountain is then a priority.

Every birder must know that every fountain can be much much more than a decorative piece in the garden. It could be that single piece of cement that makes a difference whether a bird will get hydrated or not or live or die.

But choosing the best solar fountain can be a challenge because of the many choices available in the market. So, to help you out, here are some options:

Best Solar Birdbath Fountain & Pump Reviews in 2019

1. Peaktop 3206880 Solar Bird Baths

I am a birder because I love the colors. The bright red and green and orange in their feathers make it into a great past time. Yes, watching the birds becomes better with a good fountain. This is

I like the idea of having a good fountain for two purposes: aesthetic and birdbath. This is why I like this colorful and beautifully designed birdbath by Peaktop. The rich colors and design are probably the best features of this design —attracting birds in the process. It is then a win-win for the birds and the yard owner.

Colors come brightly, the highlight of what a garden should be. The big and bold drawing of this fountain is enough to make every feathery creations happy. More than the colors, it is an absolute beauty to marvel on. The solar features is a great bonus – to save on electricity and the earth in the process. It stores energy from the sun quite quickly to be used during the darkest of the night.

It is made of durable and high quality glass that is safe both during summer and the colder months. The beautiful design of the glass basin even looks prettier when lighted up during the night.

Probably the most problematic feature is that the light from the sun’s energy only stays up to a certain time.
What We Liked
  • Ideal for patio, garden or desk
  • Lights up at night, beautifully
  • The solar energy is used to light up the basin
  • Popular among birds and birders
  • Value for money
What We Didn't Like
  • The light does not last during winter

2. Best Choice Products 2-Tier Pedestal Solar Bird Bath Fountain

I am a lover of anything bright and beautiful, including a fountain. The middle part of my curated yard is a white, grand and elegant fountain made of poly resin material that works its magic into both attracting birds and creating a beautiful centerpiece for a green, grassy or even flowery yard, whatever is the case.

What’s more? It is solar powered. Probably the final pitch to what makes it a really great buy. Another reason why I like it is the fact that it is very easy to assemble. It is a wonder how other birder can hate such a great product.

Attaching the solar panel is also a very easy thing to do. The pump fits in the middle of it too. A simple turn of the knob of the fountain allows you to enjoy the beauty of this white, decorative fountain.

While it is quite costly, the charming decorative outdoor figurine looks magnificent with the water lily and blossom engraving. If you are looking for a beautiful ornament to your bird garden, this excellent fountain by Best Choice is your best choice. It is lightweight, looks like it is made of stone, has holes looks great especially when it is spouting water and you can drain the fountain really quickly. Among the features, I love the single hole that spouts really strong water – the center of the show – a scene stealer.
What We Liked
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Solar powered
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Has holes to control water
What We Didn't Like
  • A bit more costly than others but it’s of best quality

3. Smart Solar 20633R01 Acadia Solar Birdbath

It’s simple. Solar powered equipment works only when they get enough energy from the sun. Like this beautiful fountain, you will only fully enjoy it when it is fully powered but it can also be very useful as a bird bath during the hot months.

But what do I like about this fountain is not just great at serving the birds but for sure great at making sure the birds have a blast watching the birds in action. Place it near your best feeder and enjoy the birds drinking, preening or even bathing at that beautiful fountain.

This fountain, olive green finish, is the perfect for a green manicured garden but it can also be the most important equipment for the birds. It has underwater solar panel and pump system that is great for keeping the birds busy during their visit. It is low voltage with water pump filter.

It is sleek and easy to assemble as it is practically built ensuring ease of accommodation. It is lightweight and does not require any wiring. It is the perfect gift for your birds and for you – the most relaxing way to start the day.

The frogs are distracting for the birds but once they are used to it, they will comeback for more.
What We Liked
  • It is lightweight
  • It does not require wiring
  • Easy to assemble
  • The frog designs are great for the garden
What We Didn't Like
  • The frog can be a little distracting to birds

4. Smart Solar 34222RM1 Gray Weathered Stone Solar Fountain

It is a turtle this time. Smart Solar’s fun designs are great addition to the garden –definitely. This is probably like I love their fountains. Also, I like the idea of giving a little shock to the birds and be there when they come around – flying away and coming out back.

And the solar function really works. It gets recharge really quick that it can stay working for a long time even after the sun is down. Although one of the features I love about this fountain is its practicality and durability—glass fiber reinforced concrete means it will last a long time. The finish was weathered stone so it means it actually works wonder attracting birds all year round.

For areas where wind is harsh, this concrete fountain is the best choice as it can weather the wind without much trouble. On summer, you get cold moving water where the birds can drink or bathe and on winter, the solar power ensure that the water don’t freeze.

With beautiful design and durable features, it is no wonder why birders love the fountain. If there’s a con, it is just probably the cost but considering what it can do, it is worth every penny.
What We Liked
  • Easy to assemble
  • Charges battery under the sun
  • Highly durable construction – reinforced concrete
  • Two tier solar fountain
  • Beautiful frog design
What We Didn't Like
  • A bit more costly than others but it is value for money

5. Wishing Well Solar Fountain

I have not met anyone who does not like a fountain in the house or in the garden. The flowing water exudes some kind of energy everyone appreciates. In the western culture, wishing wells became popular following the classic writings or promise of prosperity or love.

Birds do not know the difference of a wishing fountain and a regular fountain but they sure know that water has to be moving to be enjoyed fully. This is the beauty of this wishing well solar fountain. The two-level fountain keeps the water flowing, it keeps the birds happy, it gives hope to friends and family who tosses some coins for their wishes to come true and yes, it is solar powered.

The beautiful imitation filled stone design is one to beat. It is great aesthetically and excellent practically. For a manicured garden, it can one of those stone fountain at the edge of the garden, waiting for birds to perch, drink and even bathe.

What I like the most about this product is that it can be a bird bath fountain or a wishing well for the hopefuls or it can be both. On ordinary days, it makes this nice gurgling sound which attracts more birds. A bench near the fountain for you to relax while watching the birds go by will be a great way to enjoy this incredible fountain.

It is very pretty that even the raccoons will surely be attracted to it. So, cementing the bottom to keep it steady might be a good idea. Also, the gray color of the base of the bowls make the water appear murky but overall, it is a great product to have.
What We Liked
  • Needs minimal assembly
  • Two tier fountain
  • Solar powered so it runs during cloudy day
  • Small birds and big birds can share in the bowls
  • Perching area for birds
What We Didn't Like
  • Water may not look clean and clear because of its gray colors

6. Smart Solar 20622R01 Country Gardens Solar Birdbath Fountain

Like many others, I am fascinated by beautiful fountains – spouting waters are a big thing. A fountain creates a very different atmosphere to a garden when it is working. For many gardens, it is considered a luxury to even own one. It attracts more new birds and keep the old ones coming back for more.

As a young birder, I like this fountain for some reasons. The material is of glass fiber reinforced concrete so it will last for a while, it has solar panel and pump system that works perfectly underwater and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly – recycles water from a hidden reservoir. This makes sure that there’s sustainability even in gardening and birding.

Most birders hate the idea of a complicated assembly so this fountain by smart solar is the answer to that – safe and easy to assemble. The best part? It is solar powered or operate only in direct sunlight and has a very low maintenance features. It needs draining, wiping, rinsing and it is ready for refill.

To prove a point, even expert birders provided very good review of this product, and I am inclined to agree to most of them. Of course, it is important to consider presence of sun. If you live in an area that does not see the sun at all, then this one won’t work. It can be a con.
What We Liked
  • No need for installation or assembly
  • Easy to clean, rinse and refill
  • Stores energy from sunlight fast enough
  • Value for money
What We Didn't Like
  • Useless in areas with plenty of sunlight. Non-solar fountain cost less

7. VIVOHOME Polyresin Antique Bird Bath Fountain

They say simple is beautiful and that’s exactly what this beautiful, teal basin fountain is all about. It is quite simple to assemble and quite simple in terms of functionality. It requires a bit of screwing and voila, done!

I like that it comes in combo set so I do not need to worry about buying things in parts. It is also very helpful that it is made of durable polyresin, a lightweight but tough and durable design – can last a long time. Expert birders claim their sets last for many many years that they tend to even forget it is still there. Wouldn’t it be fun to write the date when you bought and be amazed at how long has it been serving your neighborhood birds?

Another thing I like about this product is the solar power feature. It is separate from the main fountain which means that it can be taken out during the hot months or keep it to store energy for night time. Although normally, I only keep one fountain open to service birds that may be flying by after dark. This is very unlikely though.

Many birder wants a fountain for aesthetic value and I am no against that. It is good to have something to help you out achieve that kind of happiness beautiful things provide. The multiple water pattern is simply a sight to behold when the fountain is in action. It is easy to put them together and play with the water features for total enjoyment.

I am recommending this product for 3 reasons: lightweight so you can move it around the garden, enough opening to accommodate average sized birds –few at a time, and it is cheaper as compared to many other products.

If there’s a con to this product, it is probably just because the polyserin material is too light to truly stay still when the wind is harsh or strong. It needs something to keep it on the ground.
What We Liked
  • Beautiful design
  • Practical to use
  • Separate solar fountain and pump
  • Made of sturdy plastic, polyresin
  • Value for money
  • No complicated assembly required
What We Didn't Like
  • It’s lightweight so put something heavier to keep it still when the wind is too strong

8. Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Bird Bath

I will always go weak when it comes to blue. It does not only mirror the vast sky and the heavens above but it also blends well with the colors in the gardens. The bright yellows, reds and whites are even better with a sparkly blue ceramic made fountain as a centerpiece.

With this smart solar, I believe no one will ever go wrong. It is sturdy (last a long if not a lifetime) and it has great designs (intricate but tiny flowers) as well as integrated solar panel, perfect for both cold and hot weather.

The vibrant blue finish is so worth it, aesthetic wise so I can say that it is value for money. The glazed royal blue will even be more better under the sun as it sparkles beautifully.

This is a practical and functional birdbath without a doubt. The top basin is also removable for two reasons: you may want to save it from toppling over when there’s a strong wind or just to move the basin somewhere else – nearer to bird feeder. This is possibly the only con too as it can cause accident. Either way, it functions well under any weather.
What We Liked
  • It is very beautiful
  • Glazed royal blue works well under the sun
  • Solar powered fountain so it is energy saver
  • Tiny flower design adds value to the design
  • Big enough to accommodate bigger birds
What We Didn't Like
  • Removable top basin can be both good and bad

9. Forest Hills Tree with Nature Solar Birdbath

This forest hills tree fountain might look like a bad copy but it is eco-friendly and convenient. It requires no power outlet, simple and clean so it is easy to maintain. It is also lightweight so it can be moved to different locations when needed. It is eco-friendly and works well whether it is cloudy or sunny. The LED lights and pump allows longer hours of operation.

Those features alone are enough to actually decide to own this one. I like that it has multi-application and that the flowing water birdbath can be used free of charge by the deck, patio or even the pond area. It is not just adding value to your garden but to the health of the birds in general.

To take advantage of the solar features, it is best to place it directly under the sunlight for 24 hours to fully store enough energy to work few days. What’s better way to enjoy natural power than this, probably none. Of course, while it looks very pretty, it is not the most perfect fountain around. The design, while pretty, looks fake when you get near it.

It is also lightweight and might need support if your area is frequented by strong winds. Still, the forest hills fountain is worth every penny.
What We Liked
  • Longer hours of operation
  • Stores more solar energy
  • Fits a forest theme, enhancing your garden
  • Value for money
  • Can be moved from one place to another
What We Didn't Like
  • Lightweight means it can be damaged by strong wind. Requires protection

10. Smart Solar 20326R01 Umbrella Series Solar Fountain

Statues and fountains are perfect combination – beautiful addition to a bird garden. A well-designed solar fountain is the best way to up the value of your garden, not just for your birds but for your own satisfaction as well.

I love the intricate design of the boy and girl statue on top of the fountain. It is probably the highlight of the whole design. The umbrella makes it even better – adding details to the already pretty design.

I also recommend it for its dual solar panel technology, which operates well under direct sunlight but also works well during cloudy weather. It can store enough power to make sure you can continue to enjoy it even when the weather is bad. If you like the vintage look, this one is the perfect choice as well. It is made of aged bronze finish, great for adding value to your yard. Many birds will also get attracted to the beauty the fountain will bring.

More so, the size of this Smart Solar is great for both small and big sized birds. However, because of its bronze finish, it can begin to rust when it is overly exposed to frost or snow.
What We Liked
  • Beautiful aged bronze design
  • Great to up the value of your yard
  • A combination of statue and fountain is perfect for a small garden
  • Dual solar powered technology
  • Small and big sized birds can preen, drink and perch
  • Value for money
What We Didn't Like
  • It can rust from overexposure to frost and snow

11. Sunnydaze Two Tier Solar-Power Outdoor Water Fountain

One is definitely good but two is better .I am referring to the layers in a fountain. If you can enjoy one, then I see no reason why you will say no to two beautiful layers of water flowing into the big basin. The powerful pump take water out of the reservoir so it does not waste too much water.

I like this fountain because it is perfect in size: 23 inch diameter allows bigger birds to come perch and drink. I also like the materials used in this beautiful fountain – resin and fiberglass, which makes it ultra durable. Sunnydaze even claim that it was engineered to last. Somehow, the solar panel is small enough to get mounted without hassle to practically any flat surface. This is why this two-tier fountain is a first choice for many birders.

Being an environmentalist, this solar panel has rechargeable battery pack which will remain functional even when the fountain is full. It also works well with submersible water pump and can be easily installed in the most convenient part of the garden. This is however not needed as it is best to have fountains in the middle of the garden.

I recommend solar powered fountains anytime of the day. Not only do we help the environment but also reduce the electric consumption. To enjoy this fully, at least 3 galons should be refilled – the water flow becomes more beautiful too!
What We Liked
  • Water earth finish, perfect for the garden
  • Solar powered so it saves electricity
  • Two tier fountain creates a beautiful sound of flowing water
  • Can accommodate 3 galons of water at a time
  • Durable design
  • It can run on battery when the solar energy is exhausted
What We Didn't Like
  • The paint peels off easily from overexposure to elements

12. Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath

We all take care of birds for one reason: for entertainment. Well, some others might say to save the birds from starvation or thirst. Those are great reasons too. But yes, we watch them because they are relaxing to watch. We study their eating habits, their perching behavior and their friendliness to other birds. We also study how they change their colors, or we simply adore the combination of their colors.

Personally, I like this fountain made by Smart Solar. It creates a relaxing atmosphere not only for my birds but for my garden in general. My friends who come over are always in awe of its beautiful design. For others, they use this to create a nicely looking patio, balcony or even window shows.

Solar energy provides anyone that bliss of enjoying electric operated equipment without the need to pay so much to the electric company. Who does not like that? Solar fountain are placed directly under the sun, in open air hence it is perfect for designs to be solar powered. The fountain will also store enough energy during the winter months even if the sun comes out for a short period of time.

This Acadia bird bath is not just pretty in the garden. It is also low in maintenance as it needs to be drained, rinsed and ready for refill again. As a birder, it is incredible to be able to do so many things with less effort.

The quality of the product is another thing that makes it great. It is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete so it will last for a long time, if not a lifetime. In cold areas, the fountain serves as a haven for birds looking for moving water to drink, to bathe even to preen.

If there is one problem, it is probably just the fact that the solar energy does not last during the summer but I guess that’s the loophole and the beauty of all solar-powered equipment.
What We Liked
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Double tier fountain design
  • Design that will last long, made of fiber-glass and concrete
  • Makes the garden more beautiful
  • Value for money
  • Saves on electricity
What We Didn't Like
  • Only works when it there’s enough energy stored from the sun

Solar Birdbath Fountain Pumps

13. Ankway Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Pumps are cheap way to power up what could be a boring fountain. A strong pump will mean better water flow and perhaps, better water sound too. The splashing of water is always a relaxing sound, which perhaps why we get into birding and fountains in the first place.

Yes, birds love moving, flowing water as much as we do. Hence getting a good pump may just be the start. The Ankway pump runs automatically that’s why I love having it in my garden. Because it is running on solar energy, I have no worry about battery nor electricity. Two things birders all look for in a pump.

I am recommending this pump not just because of its features but because it is also very affordable – one of the cheapest yet most effective one in the market. As a suggestion, it would be great to let the sun fill it up with energy before using it.

It is no wonder why expert birders likes this solar bird fountain as well. When it is properly charged, it can spout water up about 20 inches. Nothing can be more fascinating than that. It is very easy to set up too.
What We Liked
  • Easy to set up
  • No need for assembly
  • Quick charge from the sun
  • Reduces electric cost
  • Value for money
  • Runs automatically
What We Didn't Like
  • It is disposable. Throw when it stopped working

14. Solatec Solar Fountain

Solar panels have become the thing of the future. And why not when  ‘sustainable’ has become a necessity. It has been an important aspect of life and living. Getting the best solar powered pump is the next best step. How do you know when you stumble upon a good one?

Easy. This feature tells you so and they are based on my own personal experience. For starter, this solar fountain by Solatec is a must have. It is not the cheapest in the market but certainly worth the extra penny. I can attest that it is an extremely great solar paneled pump. It saves you energy and money in the long run. Because it runs on sun’s help, it is eco-friendly.

It also has sprayer that shows various ways to release water. The nozzles are adjustable hence it can change the height of water and create amazing patterns. When it is fully under the sun, the water can be as high as 30 cm. Amazing treat for the birds and birders alike.

Obviously, the exciting part is not just the water spouting up in the air but the nozzles that keeps the water flowing day in and day out. I also like that it is small enough to be in the middle of the fountain basin without distracting the birds coming over to perch or drink. It is such a practical product that you do not need a solar paneled fountain once you try on this one.

The only downside of this pump product is that it does not store much of the sun’s energy it took during the day. But who watches a fountain at night? Probably no one so it’s fine.
What We Liked
  • Value for money
  • No need for assembly
  • It is strong enough to release water up to 30 sm
  • It is a great addition to your dull fountain
  • Birds love it
What We Didn't Like
  • It does not store sun’s energy for the rainy days

15. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Lewisia is true to their words: quality pumps for quality fountains.

It might be small but it sure is terrible. This is the story of this solar bird bath fountain – for small ponds. I am recommending this pump for three good reasons: it is small enough to fit any fountain size, it has long cable (10 feet) to protect the plug or extension cords form elements like the sun, the rain or the snow, and it has different fountain heads to produce different patterns.

A fountain is more beautiful if there are different ways of how the water is released. Ever wonder how garden fountains became tourists destination in many countries? This is why – different water patterns allow us to appreciate the beauty of the ‘water’ playing under the shimmering sun.

I like this because it is easy to clean and install – totally hassle free – great for many things such as bird bath, fish tank, water circulation for oxygen and even the pond. You can place it anywhere you like as there are feathery friends who wish to play with moving and flowing water.

It is no wonder why even expert birders like the idea behind this product. Well done!

Perhaps, the only downside is when night time falls, it loses the energy and so is the power. It does not, unfortunately, charges during the day time. But you can plug it to an electric socket for continuous enjoyment.
What We Liked
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Has long cable length so you can have the bird bath on a shade
  • Produces multiple spray patterns
  • Works for other sreas with water: fish tank, garden décor, small pond etc
  • Value for money
What We Didn't Like
  • Does not charged so you can plug when night falls

16. LATITOP 1.8W Solar Fountain Pump

If you think solar powered pump alone is not enough, you can keep the power by purchasing this Latitop submersible water pump. It has its own solar panels that keeps energy flowing as long as there’s sun shine.

I love this product: eco-friendly, cheap and works well. There is no reason why anyone would not patronize it. It could be the most durable, most practical and most functional pump available there is. It is a great one that it does not require extra power when in operation. You do not need any extra energy to power this free standing fountain.

Using it is simple: place it in the middle of your fountain basin, under the sun and voila, the fountain works on its own. Next step is deciding whether or not to use a sprinkler of your choice: lots of rain, spouting ones or just high and mighty sprinkle.

Another great thing? The panel itself has 20,000 life span. What else can we say with that? Nothing. You can simply enjoy the long service and the savings from paying exorbitant electricity.

The only downside of this product is that the panel itself has no storage, packaging features. It is yours to find a way to put it up near the fountain.
What We Liked
  • Many water patterns to choose from
  • Works well in anywhere with water
  • Energy saver
  • Eco-friendly
  • Value for money
  • Charges and can be used till night
What We Didn't Like
  • The panel has no place to mount – make your own

What is a Solar Birdbath Fountain? How does it Work?


A birdbath fountain is usually the centerpiece of a well-manicured garden. Putting up provides many benefits to both the birds and the birders. It give more aesthetic value to the place and keep the birds hydrated. A bird bath fountain includes flowing water, splashing effects and even streams in some designs. It is obviously a great way to keep the birds busy while they are on a visit to your garden.

There are many things about solar bird bath fountains. One of them is the overall capacities, shapes, sizes, designs and even the water pressure.  Before purchasing one, remember that it has to fit in the kinds of birds that visits your garden. Bigger birds like dove might need bigger drinking and bath area so they should be bigger-sized fountain.

The fountain works in three ways:

  • Two or three tiered basins helps water to flow from one part to another. It circulates water through a hidden reservoir.
  • Most basins have a tube in the middle that spouts the water up high, splashes it back for effect.
  • Solar powered has sensors that detects presence of sunlight and stores the energy for use.
  • In some cases, it has spigots on the side that sprays water in the basin.

Types of Solar Birdbaths


Before you choose solar birdbath, ask yourself few reflective questions. What sizes are the birds that usually comes? What design do you like? What kind of decorative style do you fancy? For sure there are bird baths, solar or not, that fits every garden.

A fountain birdbath is easy to spot. It is usually a standing basin with moving water. It can be a spray, a sprinkler or a water rain water display. Sometimes, it gets frozen during the cold months but with the invention of electric or solar panels, this can be easily avoided. Fountains are excellent in attracting specific types of birds into your backyard. The noise of the water as well as the movement attracts more birds to your bath than ever before.

Meanwhile a solar powered birdbath has become the in thing of birding today. They provide energy to keep the water from freezing by keeping them move bubble. Placing a pump in the middle of the fountain basin can save the water from freezing or being dirty due to stagnation.

Here are few of the solar birdbath types:

Optional Plug-in. This birdbath allows flexibility of choosing between solar energy and electric energy. There are times when solar energy is not available (rainy, sunny and snowy days) so plug it in for continuous fun.

Sun powered Birdbaths. Yes, some solar powered fountain only relies on the power of the sun. When it is placed under the sun, it works really well but when the sun is out, it does not work as well.

Chargeable Birdbaths. Some birdbaths and fountains can store energy after a long exposure to the sun. The stored energy can be used during the night or when it is rainy or cloudy.

Benefits of Solar Bird Baths


The most obvious benefit of solar birdbath is well – energy saving. It is important to look into the matter from the perspective of using it as an alternative to standard electric powered bird baths. Some of the benefits include:

  • Saving electricity which is good for the environment
  • Provides clean, moving, flowing water anytime
  • Attracts more birds (they like moving water)
  • Store energy from the sun for night use
  • Optional plug-ins are perfect option for the cloudy days
  • Easy to operate
  • Solar powered pumps are available as an alternative to built in solar
  • Usability of bird baths even during the winter season
  • No wiring needed in most designs

Factors to Consider when Buying a Solar Bird Bath

Buying any product can be stressful and time-consuming. When you are not careful, you might blow your hard earned money on something that is completely useless. The same is true for buying solar birdbath.

Yes, water fountains are pretty addition to your garden. The moving, sprinkling and sometimes spouting water makes it the most sought after furniture in your yard. Birds like it and birders love it. The reason is simple: introduce an ambiance of tranquility, quietness and serenity into your outdoor garden. The only consideration is when you intend to use the fountain 24/7 — the electric will surely skyrocket.

This is why solar powered fountain became popular. The electric energy coming from the sun pumps the water to create a beautiful water show. To guide you in your buying, here are some tips:

  • Free Standing Solar Pumps. They are known to be very durable (if not the most durable) and long lasting among the many types. They can be detachable from the main fountain birdbath so you don’t have to worry about replacement when it is damaged. Just buy a new one and put it in the middle of the basin.
  • Built-in Solar Panels. They are good choice too but they come in one package; pump, fountain stand and water basin or container. Once a part is damaged, you need to service the whole piece. Some has electric plugs that you can use when the sun is out.
  • Plug and Play Units. These are fountains birdbath that literally start working as soon as they are placed under the sun. No fret really. They are fully powered by the sun and only the sun. They do not have power storage capacity so forget things like “night use.”
  • Design and Cost. Probably sequenced. The design of the solar birdbath is important in making sure it works well with your other garden tools. You get to decide whether you like a lightweight polyresin material birdbath or a ceramic but heavy design. The cost varies depending on design and durability of the materials used.

While solar powered may not be as powerful as electric powered ones, it is less noisy (no motor noise) hence create a more peaceful, more serene environment birders and birds are looking for in a garden.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a birdbath heater?

Birdbath heaters are manufactured because of the idea that birds will look for moving water to drink, preen or to bathe during the winter months. When everything else is frozen, the bird suffers the most –exposed in the wild – flying over white snow but no place to go to. Many die because of the lack of food and water. This is why there is a demand for heaters to keep water flowing in birdbaths. It works for fountains or regular birdbath bowls.

Recognizing that electricity could be a problem, several companies specializing in bird products have developed a more sustainable approach – the solar birdbaths. The power of the sun provides enough energy to power up the heaters on days and nghts.

What are good solar birdbath brands?

Birders will have their own preferences when it comes to product brands. I have my own biases for free standing birdbath fountain and fountain pumps. Most makers try their best to create lightweight, well-designed products but I will choose Smart Solar and Ankway as the top contenders for birdbath fountain and fountain pumps.

I love Smart Solar for three reasons: the well-built design, the aesthetic decors that goes into their fountain and the value for money considering durability.  Their creativity is unparalleled. Take the Smart Solar’s 20326R01 umbrella statue fountain for example. The beautiful design, in (copper) bronze is perfect for that elegant and vintage look. It glistened in the sun so there’s more to it than just a décor.

On the other hand, the Ankway Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump is my best bet for fountain pumps. It is created with the thought of ‘versatility’ and ‘flxibility’. It is small enough to fit a regular fountain basin or be placed in a pond, a fish tank or anything with stagnant water and give life to an otherwise boring water source.

Birdbath comes in variety of shapes and sizes, deciding what you want is going to be a huge factor in ensuring a more enjoyable, peaceful and practical gardening and birding.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a fountain birdbath as well as birdbath pump differs depending on sizes, colors, design and maker. With features such as solar, optional or energy storing functions, the price differs further.

Walmart priced  free standing plastic polyresin birdbaths from as low as $77.99 for a basic one-teir free standing fountain to as much as $226.99 depending on size, materials and other accessories. More expensive ones has LED lights, built in solar panels or two-tier fountains.

Knowing how much can you spend is the first step in deciding which model and design should you bring home to your yard.

How to use solar birdbath/fountain/ pump?

Answering this question will lead to another relevant question. Where do you intend to place the solar birdbath? Or a pump? And what size is the pump?

Most solar birdbath fountain pumps has two things: the nozzle to release water and the motor pump to kep it working. By controlling the pump or even the nozzle, you can decide for the trajectory of the water – how high, how low and how much water. The water pattern can be included in this feature too.

To put simply, the pump works in this order:

  • The solar pump takes in power from the sun. The energy from the sun is converted to electric energy which is used to power up the pump.
  • The stored energy is used to direct the flow of the water. Change the nozzle depending on how much water or what pattern do you like to see.
  • You can keep the setting and enjoy it for few days.
  • Watch the birds come play with your moving water.

However, many pumps only work when exposed under the sun. Be wary of it. Getting an alternative pump (electric) can be a good decision if you wish to watch the fountain at its best during the night.

Where to buy solar birdbath fountain?

Like any other products in this day and age, solar birdbath fountain is now available online and offline. Infact, everything (from food to fountains to grass) can now be bought with just a click of the mouse. Yes, shopping at your fingertips means Amazon, ebay or company website buying. As a suggestion, read the reviews first before clicking the purchase button.

For some meticulous birders, nothing beats seeing, touching and comparing real products off the rack. When in doubt, proceed to Walmart, Target., Home Depot and compare product specifications, price and design.

Price difference applies when you decide which buying guide should you follow. Rule of the thumb says that online buying is cheaper travel cost to the store is saved.

How to make a solar birdbath fountain?

So you can’t choose a product, a company or the design. It’s alright – it happens—a lot. You can simply make your own birdbath and simple choose a much simpler, much cheaper birdbath fountain.

Here’s one version of a concrete birdbath.

  1. Prepare  a molder for a fountain bowl or basin.
  2. Mix cement, water and grout. Grout is use to strengthen the material.
  3. Lay a water proof fabric or thick cement bag to be placed under the cement.
  4. Mold it according to your desired size. You can add little statue for aesthetic purposes.
  5. Create the base. You can simply create a stand for the bowl.
  6. Let it dry for few days. Paint as desired.
  7. Put the solar pump in the middle of the basin filled with water
  8. Most solar pumps automatically works when it gets energy from the sun.

Of course, this requires a bit of effort and time—mixing to molding to hardening but it should be worth it in the end.


Solar birdbaths are great not only because it assures you of saving energy and money but it is because you also assure the environment that you protect it through a more sustainable birding habit and practices. Getting a solar powered birdbath and fountain shows two things: conservation and protection. And since the practice of using the best solar birdbath fountain has become more popular in the last few years, you are also in trend – time to wow your birds and most especially your friends. While it is true that you might be paying more in the beginning, the savings you will have in the long run outweighs the initial cost of buying. Happy birding!

Best Solar Birdbath Fountains 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide
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