Best Tube Bird Feeders 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

best tube bird feeder

It’s wintertime in countries at the upper part of the globe. It also means one thing, birds need a more safe environment to stay dry and warm. Providing them the best tube bird feeder and the food that they eat to go through the cold season is one important aspect of birding.

Good and functional feeders are important in keeping birds into the backyard. There are a million products out there but not one is deemed perfect for all types of birds. Hence, the hunt goes on and amazon and home depot probably have plenty of choices for any birder to consider.

Best Tube Bird Feeders 2019

1. Brome’s Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder

Protect the birds from the pesky squirrels. There’s always a reason why they keep on coming and one of them is not to play with your birds. If you are having this kind of trouble in your garden, Brome’s squirrel buster in big polymer tube is the answer.

I recommend this product because it can hold enough food for the birds to feast on for few days. Putting that extra weight will allow you from going back to refill each time. That’s a good way to keep things going well for the birds.

To keep the squirrels away, the feeder has adjustable weight to control unwanted birds and keep the cardinals happy, satisfied and safe during the winter months. The material is also made of good plastic, chew proof so you are assured that they last a longer time than usual.

What another great thing you can get here is that it is weather proof and a buster pole adaptor. While it is protecting the seeds from the intruders, the bigger birds are not harmed in anyway.
What We Liked
  • Big capacity
  • It is chew proof and keeps the intruders away
  • It is cardinal friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Perch is great for feeding
What We Didn't Like
  • A cap will benefit the birds and the seeds

2. Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Fighting squirrels is a birders biggest battle and it is no surprise to find it extremely hard to win it. The number of squirrels double as the number of birds increases as well. This is when squirrel proof bird feeder comes in. And for this, Droll Yankees just came up with the 28-inch tube to ensure that squirrels have no way to bother any birds anymore.

One of the things that interest me if it’s four perches make a lot easier for the cardinals and other small colorful birds to enjoy the seeds. While it may not be very big, the capacity is at least 5 lbs, which means that there’s enough for birds to last a few weeks. Another thing that is worth noting about this product is durability with its powder-coated metal, stabilized polycarbonate tube that makes it fade proof.

The efficiency of the feeder is brought by its internal baffle that disperses seed evenly all throughout the tube.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Big capacity to last few days or a week
  • Polycarbonate material allows durability
  • Multiple birds to feed at once
What We Didn't Like
  • The cover can discolor after exposure to the elements

3. Nibble Weather Proof Anti-Bacterial Bird Feeder

Want a durable and sanitary tube feeder? Then, this is probably the one. Nibble weatherproof tube feeder ensures that the tube is weather resistant so it is going to be alright even when there’s inclement weather.

The metal alloy keeps the feeder sturdy and last a long time and it’s what every birder can ask for. It is also very easy to clean in addition to it being anti-bacterial ensuring safety for both the birds and the birder.

I recommend this feeder because of its major specification: weatherproof, it is easy to do almost everything including installation. It is simply requiring a simple screw and all is good to go. The company even claimed that this squirrel-free feeder is great for first timers – to sit back, relax and watch the birds come and feast on the seeds.

The colorful birds are simply how you wish to start or end your day.
What We Liked
  • Easy to install
  • Inherently beautiful design
  • Perfect as gifts
  • Durable polymer plastic
  • Squirrel proof
  • Anti-bacterial
What We Didn't Like
  • Too much sun exposure changes color

4. Gray Bunny GB-6847 Classic Tube Feeder

Here comes an interesting feeder that one passionate birder should know about. The perfect quite classic example of a durable feeder, last a lifetime but will also make your garden beautiful.

This is why I love this product, every birder can simply relax and work their way to watch the birds in action in this practical and functional feeder by Gray Bunny. It is definitely great at attracting smaller birds, enjoying the colors and the movements. That is surely a sure way to go through a day, happily.

Hanging this Gray Bunny in your yard will not only save the birds especially in the cold months but also ensure that they will be well-taken cared of even during the summer months. The premium grade hard plastic ensures that the seeds are safe and secure for a long time. The circular design is perfect for a 360 degrees view and much fun for the birds.

In addition, the clear casing makes it easier to know when it needs a refill.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to refill
  • Durable plastic to last a long time
  • Seeds can be mixed
What We Didn't Like
  • The size is a bit small for large number of birds

5. Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

From the perspectives of a good birder, the safety of the birds tops the list of the most important. One of which of course is to know that the feeder must be impenetrable to do so, especially by squirrels.

I personally think that this feeder is the answer – metal made, squirrel proof and water proof. What you get is a complete, well-built feeder perfect for all weather and most small birds. It’s a 3 lbs capacity so you won’t have to worry about refill every single day.

I believe that the metal roof ensures that the seeds are kept dry and fresh no matter what the weather is. Even the perch area is covered with metal roof so they can feast on the savory seeds anytime of the day, under any weather.

Of course one great thing is that it is also easy to install and refill. Simply open the lid and refill. The polycarbonate material is keeping the material and the seed safe at all times. And because all the parts are detachable, cleaning becomes very easy.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • The metal material makes it weather proof
  • Pest proof , squirrel proof
  • Big capacity
What We Didn't Like
  • Larger birds may come feast on the seeds too

6. Perky-Pet 7103-2 Copper Finish Triple Tube Bird Feeder

As usual, Perky-Pet did it again. Not only that it has a huge 10 lb capacity, with multiple seed type with unique design. The three tubes allows more seeds while the overall presentation provides a 360 degrees view of the feeding system. So far, none of the designs available in the market are the same as this one.

In addition, this can be mounted or hang mounted so there’s no need to work on having a new one after purchasing this feeder. The three independent seed tubes do the work of making sure they will be happy birds all day long.

While I think that there are many pros and cons to this feeder though but there’s probably a need to focus on the positive side of it: no need to work on refills very often, the view will be amazing, and it invites many birds at once, big and small ones.
What We Liked
  • Big capacity for seeds
  • Has 12 ports to accommodate as many birds as possible
  • Can be hang or pole mounted
  • The three seed tubes allows many birds at one
  • Durable plastic and metal combined
What We Didn't Like
  • Much of the seeds get wasted if birds don’t come for few days

7. Droll Yankees Hanging Tube Feeder

A sleek, durable and certainly a beautifully designed bird feeder, the Droll Yankees hanging bird feeder unit is a must for those who wanted to have a more modern touch in their yard.

I suggest that you try this product because not only does it make your garden nicer, it also makes the birds a lot happier with their multiple ports and safe, durable plastic casing. It is also very easy to clean, assemble as well as big enough to accommodate varied types of seeds for many kinds of birds. While mixing seeds may not be the best choice, making sure that there’s enough to last for few days, get away from refilling every day yet still ensuring that the seeds will stay fresh and alright for the next few days.

One of the most important aspect of this feeder is its design, the ports, which are quite separate from each other give the space enough for birds to enjoy their food during feeding season.

It’s durable material such as metal cap, ports and feeder base makes the feeder resistant to squirrels and possibly other pesky creatures that annoys the birds most of the time. Keeping the safety of the food and the birds should be on top of the list of importance for the birders.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Clear cylindrical body allows for easy refill
  • Sleek design, perfect for modern yard
  • Metal caps, ports makes it durable
  • Mix bird seed variety
What We Didn't Like
  • Capacity is only 1 lb

8. Gray Bunny GB-6860 Caged Tube Feeder

Wants to protect your seeds at all cost? This is the answer. The Gray Bunny caged feeder ensures that the squirrels, rodents or even other birds will never get through the first layer of defense – cage. This means that if the birder is serious about making sure the birds will work on protecting the seeds – do something about it.

That means offering the seeds only to the species that should be benefitting from it – the birds. In this case, it can mean anything from finches to chickadees to juncos. With this feeder, you will surely have the best view of the most colorful birds that comes and partake on your seeds anytime of the day.

I love this product because aside from being squirrel proof, the bird has a beautiful design – caged outside but the tube inside. The birds, once in, will have a safe and relaxed time feeding on the variety of seeds in it.

The only con is probably its capacity, only 2.5 cups of seeds at a time. Due to this, you have to rethink where should you be placing this feeder – far into the yard or just at the porch.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cage design is to protect the seeds from squirrels
  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Can accommodate mixed seeds at once
What We Didn't Like
  • Capacity is only 2.5 cups

9. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

I like bronze because they are beautiful. But I also love them because the bronze quality makes every product last a long time.

So I am recommending this beautiful, classy design, and bird friendly feeder. Of course, that is in addition to the fact that Perky-Pet knows their business so well that they create awesome feeders. The circular perch let birds feed from every angle providing you with the best watching experience.

I like this product for three reasons: design, efficiency and value for money. The price is way lower than many of the feeders currently out in the market yet probably more effective than many others.

The only flaw, which birders have discovered is its inability to protect itself from moisture caused by strong rain.
What We Liked
  • Easy to clean
  • Big cylindrical design for the perfect view
  • Round perch area for relax feeding experience
  • Holds up to 2 lbs mixed seeds
  • The copper design makes it rust proof
What We Didn't Like
  • The copper design is not moisture proof

What is a Tube Bird Feeder


A tube bird feeder is one of the types of bird feeders that work for different kinds of birds – from big ones to small ones. So having a tube feeder among your collection of bird feeders. It’s clear, cylindrical shape allows you a 360 degrees viewing experience. Most tube feeders can accommodate mix seeds, which makes it easier to attract multiple birds at once.

Types of Tube Bird Feeders


Many bird feeders belong to several categories. Tube feeders have few kinds as well. Some of these feeders include:

Triple tubes – probably one of the most practical ones available in the market. It allows the carrying of more seeds, multiple at that. It also allows more bird varieties to come visit.

Over hang tubes – tube feeders are great at spreading ports and perches. This type are now in the market and the can be considered the most popular design. It can be hung on the patio, on a tree or mounted on a pole.

Wire perches – to avoid squirrels from coming in and stealing the seeds, tubes are protected by mesh wires with enough opening for small birds to enter and feast on the seeds in a more relaxed way.

Benefits of Tube Bird Feeders


One of the many benefits of bird feeders is preventing the big or larger birds such as jays to come and steal the food of the finches and chickadees. The main idea of a feeder is to choose the kind of birds that visits the garden. For many tube feeders, the small ports indicate that it is for smaller types of aviaries.

Another benefit of tube feeders is that they have very small perches which smaller birds are attracted to. With tube feeders, you will have more birds in your yard than ever before.

The cylindrical shape allows the best viewing experience in addition to the perches used by the birds to feast on the seeds in peace.

Because of its shape and sizes of ports, the tube feeders usually discourages competing animals that preys on birds including squirrels, rodents and even larger birds.

Tube feeders are easy to assemble, hang and clean. The shape does not require a special space and it can be hung upside down on a tree or can be mounted on a pole without a problem.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tube Bird Feeder


Choosing a bird feeder requires two things: durability and functionality of the product. With the thousands of bird feeders available in the market today, it is surely going to be confusing to choose the right one.

To attract a variety of birds, some factors can be considered. Providing several types of feeder will ensure that you will have a variety of birds coming into your garden. Here are some:

Hollow Tubes – this kind of tube feeders keeps the seeds clean, dry and away from being rotten caused by moisture. Ones made of durable polymers are great for an open yard. Also, hollow tubes are also somehow squirrel resistant.

Perches – these are important aspect of a tube feeder. Unlike tray or mesh feeders, birds need something to claw on and feast on the seeds comfortably.

Mix seeds – one of the great things about tube feeders is that they usually allow mixing seeds. If that’s the case to the feeder you are deciding on, then maybe it is the right one.

Capacity – depending on the number and variety of birds coming into your yard, it will be good to consider seed capacity. This will make sure that there’s enough for all birds before the next wave of visitors arrive.

However, it is important to also consider factors such as “easy to clean”, “easy to install”, “anti-bacterial” if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to fill a tube bird feeder?

Depending on the design of your feeder, you can fill it up easily or not. Some bottom feeders only requires removing the top lid and filling it up with fresh seeds while other can be more complicated by unscrewing portions or parts of it.

One thing every birder knows about filling up a feeder is making sure that it is squeaky clean before putting in fresh batch of seeds. This way you will also help reduce the possibility of diseases brought about by bacteria induced by both the weather and infected saliva of birds left in the rotten seeds. Some plastic polymer feeders can be easily tossed to a dishwashing machine.

During wintertime, refills may be necessary since some birds do stick around looking for warmer shelter and food source until the cold season passes by.

How to clean a tube bird feeder?

Like any other feeder, cleaning a tube feeder is necessary and should be done regularly. Cleaning it with dishwashing soap, rinsing and drying it out should be done before you even put a new batch of seeds. Or not, throw it in the dishwasher for a faster solution.

How to use a tube bird feeder?

All types of feeders have their own purposes. Some tray feeders are for big birds feeding on regular seeds while nectar feeders should either be in a glass or durable tubes. Uses vary depending on what kind of birds are you trying to attract.

Most bird tube feeders can be used to attract a variety of birds by mixing seeds and the other one is to hang it in a place that can be seen easily. Tube feeders, because of its cylinder shape, can provide the best watching experience.


Contrary to popular belief, birds can be a little picky. They have to be attracted to the feeder first before they decide on whether or not to return to your yard again. Hence, getting the best tube bird feeder should be a priority if you decide to start birding as a hobby. Since tube bird feeders have perfect circle shapes, they are also perfect for bird watching. Get the one with a perch and see them enjoying their food without flapping their wings too long. A relaxed bird means a relaxed watching time as well.

Best Tube Bird Feeders 2019 – Buyer’s Guide
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