How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeder in Tree

How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeder in Tree

Who does not hate little squirrels that messes up or steals the bird food from the feeder on the tree? I do. I bet many feels annoyed at them too. Squirrels are cute creatures but they can be nasty when they choose to be. When this happens, even without much choice, you need to find ways on how to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder in trees.

Repelling these notorious pests can be challenging at times. They hide in branches and wait for the perfect time to steal the bird food in the feeder. But there are easy steps to chase squirrels away from the your bird feeder in trees, and let birds eat their rightful food.

Keeping those nasty squirrels off bird feeder in tree

Here are few tips on how to drive those squirrels away:

Keeping those nasty squirrels off bird feeder in tree

Tip #1: Avoid low branches. When hanging the bird feeder, try to find two parallel trees and use a rod to hang the feeder in between them. This way, the feeder is away from low branches that squirrels use to hang on to when they ate out stealing food.  You can use further protectors such as a plastic cover but leave the door of the feeder open for the birds to take out food.

Squirrels are not just nasty; they are also scheming or tricky. They can jump 11 feet down a tree branch and can leap 7 feet up so make sure that there are no branches within those distances that they can use. Knowing the characteristics of the squirrels will let you think of how else you can keep the squirrels away from your bird feeder.

Tip #2: Feed the squirrels separately. Yes, hungry creatures will forage food in desperation. So to deter them from stealing the bird food in the feeder, it is best to prepare food for them somewhere at a distance. Getting them busy and full means ignoring the food intended for the birds for quite awhile.

Since squirrels are not picky eaters, you can use less expensive food than birdseed such as peanuts, grains or corns. Once the squirrels get used to their own regular feeding ground, they will eventually stop competing for the expensive birdseed from the bird feeder on your tree.

Keeping Squirrels off Bird Feeder in Tree

Tip #3: Use a squirrel baffle . This is great for feeders attached to a pole. The squirrel baffle is a plastic or metal dome, usually slippery, useful to protect your bird feeders from hungry squirrel. The dome will surely keep those pesky creatures to keep stealing high quality food intended for birds.

What else? The baffle will stop squirrels from getting into the nest or best houses and possibly hard nestlings. Just make sure that it is positioned high enough that no squirrel can reach or jump over it, at least between 4-7 feet above ground. Buying a squirrel proof feeder is a good idea.

Tip #4: Use strong scents as deterrent. Like other mammals, there’s something squirrels hates the most--chili. So, putting chili sauce on the pole or the legs of outdoor redwood furniture will keep the squirrels at bay. Other alternatives include cooking oil, gasoline or grease.  This remedy is not permanent but it will at least keep those irksome squirrels for quite sometime, hopefully until after the birds are fed.

How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeder

Tip #5: Check for holes. Do you place your bird feeder somewhere near your roof? If you do, make sure that there are no holes visible for squirrels to use. Knowing which parts of the house need patching or repairing will allow you to decide ways on how to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders.

If not at all possible to perform extensive repairs, using wire mesh just to close openings will do. Squirrels hides in tree branches so getting rid of the ones hanging near your roof or your attic will reduce the possibility of squirrels reaching the bird feeder. Worst-case scenario is for the squirrels to use your attic as their ‘birthing’ place but that’s another problem.

How to Keep those nasty squirrels off bird feeder in tree

Tip #6: Get a dog to chase them away. Truly, dogs are really man’s bestfriend. This means that they can do the dirty work too. Letting the guard dog on the loose to chase those annoying squirrels trying to feed on the bird feeders is possible. While it is not a permanent solution, it can scare them away from time to time. Just be careful that the dogs do not scare the birds away too, especially during feeding time.

Tip #7: Mix pepper flakes or hot peppers to the birdseed before putting it in the feeder. This does not sound very ideal but birds can’t taste the chili since they have no capsaicin in their body unlike squirrels and hopefully, they will learn from the experience and decide to never come back.

In finding ways on how to keep the squirrel away from the bird feeder, it is great to consider choosing only more “humane ways” to really keep those pesky squirrels away from your expensive bird seeds. Some of the most radical ways to drive them away permanently are the use of poison or shooting squirrels down.

How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeder in Tree
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