Where to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder?

Where to hang a hummingbird feeder

I love hummingbirds for three reasons: they have huge brain; they got the cutest bird ears and the most beautiful colors among the bird family. No wonder this bird was used in many famous stories and novels for centuries. Some of the most common words associated with hummingbirds are eternity, continuity, or infinity. Whenever they fly, …

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How to Keep Crows away from Bird Feeders?

How to keep crows away from bird feeders

Because they are bigger, crows usually bullies the smaller birds – taking their food even. These pesky predators does not only scare the smaller birds during feeding time but mark their territory as well, forcing the birds to look for other feeders somewhere. Many bird enthusiasts have been struggling on deterring bully birds from feasting on …

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