Where to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder?

Where to hang a hummingbird feeder

I love hummingbirds for three reasons: they have huge brain; they got the cutest bird ears and the most beautiful colors among the bird family. No wonder this bird was used in many famous stories and novels for centuries.

Some of the most common words associated with hummingbirds are eternity, continuity, or infinity. Whenever they fly, they flutter their wings into a specific pattern similar to the number 8, the symbol of fluid infinity.

Because of this, it is not surprising to hear bird enthusiasts spending the extra cash to attract hummingbirds into their bird feeders. The only consideration is where to hang hummingbird feeders to have that perfect view during feeding time.

Watching the hummingbirds in their fluid movements, eating patterns and their colorful feathers is simply a sight not to be missed.

This mythical bird, once the favorite bird of royalties is among the many kinds that migrate during the cold months. Flying all the way to where the food is, they have their own way of impressing not only their mates but also birders the world over.

If you decide to feed some hummingbirds, you need to think of few things including where to hang a hummingbird feeder, hummingbird diet and nutrition among others.

Here are some tips to attract this adorable bird into your home vicinity:

Tip #1: That perfect spot


Every birder knows that proper placement of the hummingbird feeder into somewhere noticeable or open will not only attract more hummingbirds but will give the watcher the best view.

Placing it in an open area or well-lit trees will attract these pretty feathery friends easily. Any feeder that is tucked away under bushes or too high into a tree can be overlooked by your target bird. Remember that the idea is to attract the bird’s attention.

Nonetheless, hummingbirds have very keen eyesight and can usually spot a feeder meters away as long as it is either illuminated or reflected in some light. The hummingbirds are one of the very few animals with the third set of eyelids, which perhaps help them see clearer. Because they have a terrific vision, they can see every color we can but their eyes can also process ultraviolet light so they actually see more than we do.

Tip #2: Attract them with red

Yes, you read it right. Red is the hummingbird’s color to go. Biologically, hummingbird has a soft spot for bright colors –red especially. Seeing red sends a signal to the bird’s brain that they are about to find a delicious snack, possibly nectar.

During summer, hummingbird usually visits any red flowers, drink their nectar and partly nibble on their petals. This is the reason some birders would hang red feeders to attract the cute hummingbirds. They believe using different colors such as yellow and white might be ignored.

Tip #3: Keep it more private


Hummingbirds are known to be territorial. This means that the feeding area for hummingbird should be separated from other bird feeders. If you happen to have multiple feeders in your backyard, keeping enough distance of the feeding stations should be observed. If it is crowded, hummingbirds can be aggressive and are ready to defend their own spaces. So, giving them their own space will also invite other kinds of birds to feed to come visit your backyard.

Tip #4: Put the feeder closer for better watching

For better view of the birds, choose a location that has better view and better lighting. Places that are near windows, gazebos if you have one in your garden, outdoor benches or garden chairs and places with no plants or trees that may obstruct the view are ideal places. This is especially important if you wish to take photo of the birds during their feeding.

Tip #5: Provide Space


Since they are aggressive and hover while feeding, planning where to hang the hummingbird feeder will be necessary. Having enough space will give every hummingbird the chance to maneuver around while feeding. If at all possible, avoid hanging the feeder in between trees or poles with limited space.

Tip #6: Consider the season

Since seasons change often, it is advisable to transfer the hummingbird feeder to protect the nectar. Nectar can spoil quite easily during the hot summer, when the sun is high. This is not suitable for hummingbirds so changing its position will actually let the hummingbirds enjoy their food.

During the summer, position the hummingbird bird feeder in shaded area, inside an open gazebo or under a tree. You can change it back to a more noticeable area when the season changes.

Tip #7: Consider Safety

Hummingbirds are strong bird variety. Their needle-like beaks are their best weapons and the males use it to stab on anything such as wood and even each other when they are in an aggressive mode. Also, since there are other predators like some bully birds and squirrels, it is a good idea to hang it quite high to avoid being eaten. Cats and dogs should never be able to reach either the bird feeders or the birds.

If your feeder is near a window, make sure that it has a glass to protect the birds from preying cats and dogs. You do not like to find dead little birdie in your living room.

When you choose to feed hummingbird and expect them to come visit your feeder regularly, perhaps, you must consider planting flowers that may attract them as well. Where to hang your hummingbird feeder is as important as what to feed them. This bird has super-fast metabolism and need to eat as constantly as possible – every 10 minutes – and eats three times their actual body weight. Since they love bugs and flowers, planting red and other colorful flowers near the place where you hang the hummingbird feeder will surely encourage them to come for more.

Throughout the years, the hummingbird largely attracts the attention of bird watchers and feeders more than any other bird variety. Many bird enthusiasts would happily identify hummingbird as one of the varieties they want to kept fed. The hummingbird’s ability to stunt-fly, doing all sorts of techniques such as flying backwards, hovering upside-down, and fluttering their beautiful wings continues to amaze birders all over the world.

Where to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder?
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