Why Should You Trust Keys Birding Fest

As a birder myself, I understand how depressing and frustrating it is to invest on expensive birdseeds only to find out that the birds you have do not eat them, or buy the most beautiful feeder only to learn later on that it serves a different bird specie.

For beginners, it is very easy to make mistakes. With many confusing information you can get online, the probability of making errors becomes higher.

Again, that’s why Keys Birding Fest is here. Personally, I have suffered from making countless mistakes. I certainly do not want others to go through a similar painful experience. Through the website, I hope to help you maximize your time, your resources and your happiness in bird watching.

The saying “experience is the best teacher” is very true. I have enough of it—years of experience attracting, feeding and even fighting off predators. My goal in this website is simple –let you enjoy birding from the moment you decided to become one.

When I decided to be bird watchers, I didn’t know what to do. Like many birders, I was just an excited naturalist who thought it is fun to make sure the birds don’t go hungry especially during the cold months and it similarly fun to watch them eat the treats I prepared for them. True enough, I had a great time – until the predators came and ransack my beautiful bird feeder, leaving a huge mess plus a wrecked feeder minutes later.

Tried and tested knowledge about birds

From then on, I promised to learn everything about birding. Living in Florida, there are many places to enjoy bird watching. The national parks are full of different bird species – in glorious colors. I took advantage of this resource and quick enough, I was on my way to semi-successful birding experience.

I have to admit that it took me quite awhile to master the many considerations to enjoy such hobby. Some of them include: learning the varieties of birds in your area, knowing what food is good for these birds, putting up the right bird feeder, placement of the feeder to consider visibility, aesthetic consideration, pole feeder that works.

The amazon listing is a great place to begin. But it can be a maze. With multiple products, you need to know the details of each to understand whether it’s the correct choice for your backyard. Keys Birding Fest will simplify that process for you.

The internet is a nice place to stop by too, but it could be more puzzling to find the right information as compared to the wrong ones. So far, there is no website dedicated to discussing birding techniques and strategies, so reading and believing online blogs can be tricky. There are many blogs about specific birding topic but many can’t be verified.

Convinced that there is a need for a reputable source of information, I decided to put up this website for every birder out there. Now, this is probably the best one-stop shop of information about anything related to birding. My goal is simple – to provide reliable information you can use right away. I am elated to see the response after awhile. I didn’t realize the dire need for information until I saw the traffic on the website.

Reliability of Reviews

To maintain reliability of the articles, I review every product thoroughly – tried and tested every product even, talk to other bird enthusiast, which assures any beginner birder nothing but true and accurate information.

Following our guides and tips at Key Birding Fest, I hope to help you let your frustrations go away so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view of your orioles or hummers and the whole feeding experience while you sip your favorite coffee by the window.